Meilland roses presented in Bahrain

A the International Garden Show from 16th to 18th of January, 2012

At the request of the king's wife and in collaboration with the parisian florist Moulié, the new rose varieties SAMOURAï®, BINGO® White and BINGO® Cerise have presented in Bahrain.

International Garden Show à Bahreïn

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Meilland has been present in Russia for many years

'Peace®' : a rose which represents a symbol of peace. It marks the beginning of the story of Meilland Roses, of the exportation throughout the world as well as its relationships with distant countries such as Russia.


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Christening of the Inés Sastre rose

May 6th, 2010

Realisation: Laurence Beaulieu,

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New rose varieties for Florists

September 2009

Meilland presented last week on Paris Wholesale market of Rungis a few new Garden Varieties.

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(Allgemeine Deutsche Rosenneuheiten Prüfung)

September 17, 2007

Two more ADR awards for Meilland this year, one for Meiclusif Line Renaud ® /Meilland's Rose Elbflorenz ® definitely one of the most awarded Meilland's roses and one for Meipelmel Yann Arthus-Bertrand ® / Pretty ® Sunrise a superb landscape shrub. The German ADR is awarded every year to varieties beyond any suspicion.

To be awarded an ADR, the rose varieties have to fulfill some very precise characteristics, above all an excellent disease resistance, this is why in the 11 test gardens spread on the whole German territory, all the plants are cultivated without any chemical pesticide. Other characteristics are winter hardiness, number of flowers, attractiveness and fragrance.

From the beginning in 1952, 147 rose varieties have been awarded an ADR, among these only 5 Hybrid Teas, which gives a better idea of the extraordinary qualities of Meiclusif Line Renaud ® / Meilland's Rose Elbflorenz ®, the other varieties belong to the landscape range just like Meipelmel Yann Arthus-Bertrand ® / Pretty ® Sunrise.

Between 1952 and 2006, 23 Meilland varieties have won an ADR.

Line Renaud ® / Meilland's Rose Elbflorenz ® Var. Meiclusif & Yann Arthus-Bertrand ® / Pretty ® Sunrise Var. Meipelmel - Meilland 2007

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Julio Iglesias presents his rose in Paris

June 28, 2007

During his 2007 world tour, Julio Iglesias will make a stop in Paris for two concerts at the famous Olympia by the end of June and he kindly accepted to christen the rose dedicated to him by Meilland.

The unique color, light cream strongly striped with red and the fragrance of a rare intensity described by the Perfumers in Grasse as "orange and grapefruit with a touch of Madagascar Verbena" should make this rose a real hit.

No doubt this new rose will charm all the enthusiasts just like the voice of the most successful latin singer in music history.

For more information about the availability of the Julio Iglesias rose in your country, please contact us at :

Julio Iglesias ® Var. Meistemon - Meilland 2007

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For its 5th birthday : ELLE ® has been awarded an A.A.R.S.


The ELLE ® Var. Meibderos rose celebrates this year its 5th birthday. On this occasion it has been awarded with the most prestigious award of the rose world: the AARS (All-America Rose Selections - external link).

Meilland is very proud to receive in 2004 this award for an Hybrid Tea rose, as its last rose-tree awarded in this category has been in 1968. With this 14th AARS, Meilland is definitely the first non american breeder with the largest number of AARS.

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Liv Tyler: A Very Irresistible Rose, Very Star, Very Exclusive

June 22 2005

A true star rose has been presented on June 22nd in Paris, created by Meilland for Givenchy Perfumes it has been named after Liv Tyler, the young and beautiful american movie star - she charms everyone with her modern and luminous beauty - who is the face of their perfume "Very Irresistible".

Irresistibly beautiful with its delicate pink color, this rose is irrresistibly fragrant, with a powerful, long lasting scent. Full of vivacity, its green fruity notes are followed by a more velvety, caressing tonacity. The incredible fragrance of this Meilland rose has been included in the formula of the new Givenchy perfume, the Sensual Eau de Parfum of Very Irrésistible. This a world premiere!

Liv Tyler declared she felt really honored to have a rose named after her.

The Liv Tyler rose will be available in the USA in 2007 ( external link).

Liv Tyler ® Var. Meibacus - Meilland 2006

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